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Making a comeback – How you can help carry the load

When life begins to return to ‘normal’ and those itching to resume travelling begin planning their next getaway, the tourism and events industries need to be ready to support their guests. Adapted event operations and travel habits could result in new and varied styles of visitation and is an opportunity where we should provide visitors with further responsible travel options; supporting the local regions, their economies, health and environment. On Thursday
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Interesting Info: Is Instagram changing the way we design the world?

First it was our food. Now whole neighbourhoods are being styled to look good on social media. But by viewing the world through a screen, do we miss the bigger picture? Bella Mackie from the Guardian has addressed this and talks about the cost of viewing our surroundings only as a backdrop to our personal portfolio, read more here. Is this an appropriate time to ask you to follow us on our
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Chit Chat Series: Camilla Kennedy

Tell us a bit about yourself - where and what did you study? Tell us about your current role at Gray Line Australia. After finishing high school, I went straight into university. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Social Science at RMIT. The sustainability and environments field has always been an area of interest for me, but I knew I had a strong drive and interest for the tourism
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Tuesday Teaching – Can travel cure bias?

Travelling may feel like it's a dream right now but traveling to diverse places really does broaden the mind, according to new research published. Lonely Planet has a fantastic article outlining a hosts most inspiring travel moments in Africa. Click here to read it here!
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Chit Chat Series: Grace Maynard

Let’s get to know a bit about you. What did you study at uni? What were some of your past roles before you joined VTIC?  Tourism was not my first career choice, my undergraduate degree is in Politics and European Studies with Honours in European Studies. I was working at State Parliament in Perth when I finished uni, and after a year I was ready to get out of Perth, so I moved to
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Shake Up Your Business

On Thursday 9th July, Young Tourism Network members and friends were joined by tourism industry professionals Christina Koullas and Justin Meneguzzi from CK PR and Jared O’Meara from Get Lost Travel Group and founder of Reppin for an engaging webinar about how their businesses are adapting in the current climate of COVID-19. Christina and Justin spoke about the importance of content marketing despite the changing communication channels. Many businesses may have
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Chit Chat Series: Jenny Mitten

First thing’s first: to help our readers get to know you, tell us a bit about yourself and your career journey so far. What/where did you study? Did you always want to go into tourism and events marketing or is that something you fell into? I am currently the Director of Marketing at the Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB). Prior to joining MCB, I held management positions within the Major Events, Strategic
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Push to the bush

On the evening of Thursday 11th June 2020 YTN members and friends joined Madeleine Sawyer (from Caravan Industry Association of Australia) and Stacey Barnes (from Greater Hamilton Shire Council) for an insightful webinar discussing domestic travel, regional events, and the push and pull to increase the dispersal of locals throughout Victoria and Australia.  Guests were treated to excellent industry knowledge, experience and the goings-on in two important businesses aiming to increase
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Domestic Tourism post Covid19

Domestic tourism has sprung into the limelight in 2020 in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and the direct implications it has had on international travel in the medium term. However domestic tourism has always been a large, yet somewhat undervalued, part of the Australian tourism system. In 2019, overnight domestic tourism was responsible for $81B in visitor expenditure, significantly higher than international visitor spend of $45B (Tourism Research Australia, 2019). Domestic travellers are significantly more
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