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Shake Up Your Business

On Thursday 9th July, Young Tourism Network members and friends were joined by tourism industry professionals Christina Koullas and Justin Meneguzzi from CK PR and Jared O’Meara from Get Lost Travel Group and founder of Reppin for an engaging webinar about how their businesses are adapting in the current climate of COVID-19.

Christina and Justin spoke about the importance of content marketing despite the changing communication channels. Many businesses may have increased audiences however, declining advertising revenue. They shared the new tactics they are using to speak to audiences including the importance of being aware locally and globally, communicating your hygiene protocols and providing peace of mind.

Hot topics also discussed by the duo were how important PR and consistent messaging is to business (taking a leaf from their own book), what cost-effective solutions can look like in this changing audiences and how maintaining key media relationships is crucial in good and bad times. Christina and Justin also touched on what short-term changes they’ve needed to implement for themselves and clients and understanding the operational and financial status of their clients to adapt accordingly. On the other hand, some long-term trends discussed included how an increased focus on hygiene and social distancing, particularly for senior markets, will maintain high importance for the near future, focus on quality over quantity, including the competition for editorial and advertising space, and an increase in outdoor activities with the domestic market.

Then we welcomed Jared to introduce us to his insight of the tour operator side of things. Jared spoke about the importance of standing out from the crowd as an individual, not only shaking up your business. Whilst bringing his personality out at annual industry events, wearing costumes so people remembered him wasn’t the only success stories Jared shared. We learnt about how being pro-active and working collaboratively with other businesses pays off when needed to band together – like during this period of COVID-19. 

Jared walked us through his new platform connecting products to the industry, Reppin (launching in September 2020). This new platform was created by the concept of building a solution which minimises the gap of lack of product knowledge, the accessibility to find new products quickly, the inefficient training purposes and abundance of brochures and information circulating which very quickly goes out of date if the right people don’t have access to this information when they need it. 

On the side, Jared has also been a part of “Pallets with Purpose Furniture by GLT”, an initiative born off the back of the COVID-19 crisis. Keeping our tour guides connected, productive and employed, we are manufacturing funky and unique coffee tables from 100% recycled hardwood. Made with love!

YTN thanks all of our speakers for their time and presentations. Please tune into YTN’s next webinar episode of Digital Digest on Thursday 6th August 2020. Guest speakers will be announced shortly.

P.S. – YTN members can access a recording of the webinars via the YTN member portal.

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