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Joining the Young Tourism Network opens up a pathway into the Victorian tourism industry. It allows you to play your part and push your career forward.

Job Alerts

While the YTN is not a job agency, members regularly receive job alerts for vacant positions across the tourism industry. This means that members always know what opportunities are going in the industry and can process their careers forward.

Networking events

The YTN hold a number of events each year, these events to help you get the most out of the tourism industry and network with your industry colleagues. We try to hold a variety of events. From social drinks to industry famils and professional development events, there should be something for everyone no matter what stage of their career.

Professional development

Our professional development event series aims to develop you for your future career. The series of 6 events brings you an insight into individual segments of the industry. These insights provide participants with the knowledge to lead in the tourism industry.

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