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YTN Kicks Off 2019 Trusted Advisor Program

YTN began our 2019 Trusted Advisor Program (TAP) Wednesday evening with a Meet and Greet at Georges on Collins for advisors and advisees in this year’s program.

We are excited to welcome five professionals and five students to the program, which consists of five coaching sessions that are designed to give students a better understanding of tourism sectors and engage with leaders in the industry.

The event Wednesday evening allowed leaders and participants in the program to get to know one another and socialise before starting the first session on 19 August.

Following the meet and greet, the YTN committee members joined TAP advisors for a leadership coaching session with Mel Neil. Hear more about the Advisors in the next few months.

Meet the Advisees

Claudia Schmitz

With business related studies (BA in Foreign Commerce, MSc in Management), Claudia started her career working nearly six years as data quality consultant in the European Financial industry. After quitting her job and backpacking around New Zealand and Australia, Claudia decided to embark on a new professional adventure in sustainable tourism. 

She is currently in the final year of her Masters in International Sustainable Tourism Management at Monash University. Besides her studies she enjoys volunteering for City of Melbourne, St Kilda Tourism, St Kilda Gatehouse, Port Phillip EcoCentre and the Monash Student Association.



Hayley Fraser

Hayley is passionate about Melbourne and all we have to offer in Victoria. Her taste buds usually lead the way when exploring, leading her to the best Australian wineries, cafes and a diverse range of food. She is fascinated by Melbourne’s dark and intriguing history and love exploring National Trust buildings. After a successful career in Medical Admin/Reception she is keen to enter the tourism industry working with inbound visitors. Hayley is currently studying a Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management with William Angliss Institute and volunteers at the Werribee Visitor Info Centre.




Rajat Wahane

Starting his education and career in hospitality and tourism, this industry has developed Rajat from a novice to a sharp professional. After coming from India to Australia, he was greeted with a happiest surprise of new knowledge and an enlarged perception of everyday world. There are multitude of inspirations and opportunities in Melbourne. Victoria University and the Young Tourism Network are both equipping him with a sturdy platform to reach his objectives and grow as a leader in the tourism industry.





Thao Nguyen

Thao is a full-time hospitality student and a part-time traveler (35 countries so far) from Vietnam with a German twist as she has lived in Germany before choosing to pursue a degree in Australia. Eager to learn and develop her goals is what Thao strives for.



Jacqui Adams

Jacqui is currently completing the Diploma of Travel and Tourism. As a mature age student, she has found the experience exhilarating as well as expanding. The quality of the teachers and the curriculum has impressed and inspired Jacqui. Her love for adventure and travel, has always guided her into expressing her passion and purpose. Jacqui would love to fully express this passion through some area of this ever-increasing industry. She knows that her passion, personality and the acquired skills gained through this course, will be an asset in whatever area she finds herself in.

We look forward to sharing more as the program continues through to October!

Written by: Olivia Salsbery

Olivia has experience in agency, non-profit, public and private communications. Her major focus has been on strategic digital communication, research and cause marketing. She has a bachelor of Arts (Public Relations and International Studies) and is currently studying her Master of International Sustainable Tourism. Connect with her on Linked In @oliviasalsbery. 

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