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Trusted Advisor – Session 2: Customer Service

“Some people say, ‘I want to be a nurse or a firefighter to help people’ – that’s how I feel about being concierge. You help people.”


YTN’s Trusted Advisor Program continued last Thursday when advisees met at the Melbourne Marriott Hotel to learn about the inside world of hospitality with the hotel’s Chief Concierge, Anthony Szostak.


Szostak described his journey at one of Melbourne’s five-star accommodations from developing his team, creating landmark training programs and being accepted into Les Clefs d’Or Concierge Society, Szostak shared great insight of hospitality leadership and innovativeness.








Our favourite insights from Szostak:

  • “You need to be seen doing the role you have and the next role before you get there”
  • Empower your team, great results will follow”
  • “If you’re put in charge, take charge; it comes down to you at the end of the day”
  • “Teach your team new things, but only is they want to learn it”
  • “Embrace being a little fish in a big pond [at first]. Embrace the basics, the grunt work” and remember that it’s okay to admit your faults, as long as you show how you’ve learned from them
  • “Tourism and hospitality requires adaptability, so the less you resist it, the happier you’ll be”
  • It takes time to work your way in, it’s a slow burn, but don’t burn too slow
  • Be accountable for keeping track of your own results
  • “[Leadership] is about mutual respect, not just about being the good guy or the bad guy all the time”
  • You have to talk, let people know what you need – no one can read your mind


And that ever golden rule in hospitality according to Szostak? 


“Be nice to your night team!”








Session 3 will be held on the 25th of September. Stay tuned to hear more about this year’s Trusted Advisor Program.

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