Trusted Advisor Program 2022

The Young Tourism Network (YTN) is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 2005 with the aim of providing students and young professionals the opportunity to learn and grow through networking opportunities and professional development programs, gaining valuable knowledge and building strong relationships across the broader industry.

YTN’s Trusted Advisor Program started in 2017 and every year the program is reviewed to meet the needs of students. Similar to past programs, this year YTN will be running the Trusted Advisor Program as a one-on-one coaching opportunity. i.e. each Advisor will be paired with and Advisee based on career interests/experiences.

Program Overview

YTN’s Trusted Advisor Program aims to provide tourism, events and hospitality students (Advisees) the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals (Advisors), and gain a better understanding of the tourism industry and the jobs available within the different sectors.

The program offers development and networking opportunities for both Advisors and Advisees while delivering additional membership benefits for YTN members through sharing of knowledge and industry experience. 

The goals for the Trusted Advisor Program are: 

  • To provide students with an understanding of the tourism industry
  • To provide students with a link to the tourism industry
  • To provide opportunities for students in tourism, events or hospitality to learn from experienced tourism professionals
  • To provide established tourism professionals with an opportunity to enhance their existing leadership and communication skills by becoming an Advisor

The program will run from early August until late October with the expected commitment to be a 30-45 minute catch up, on a fortnightly basis. More time can be allocated pending the schedules of advisors and advisees. We are also hoping for each advisor to incorporate in a workplace visit where appropriate. 

There will be an expectation on Advisees to initiate contact and organise meetups/phone calls/zoom conversations with their respective Advisors. However, we ask that Advisors assist as necessary with this, as many Advisees may not have the experience or confidence to.

Benefits of the Program

After an immensely turbulent time for the visitor economy in Victoria, there is a strong need to connect emerging professionals with established professionals through programs such as the Trusted Advisor Program, to ensure professional development and mentoring experience is available for students and young professionals.

Why Become an Advisor?

As an established professional, you might be better equipped than others to deal with the current environment we are living in. Through this program, Advisors will have the opportunity to enhance their leadership, coaching and communication skills while contributing to the future of the Victorian tourism workforce. Sessions will be facilitated by Mel Neil, Founder and CEO of Mind Insurance.

Mel Neil (Founder and CEO, Mind Insurance)

With a passion for enabling an ever-growing number of people to access the science of human flourishing, Mel Neil has been coaching and consulting for over 15 years.

Using her strengths-based approach, she designs and delivers custom leadership and performance programs for clients in the public and private sectors.

Mel has developed the Happiness Lab and Academy platforms in response to the demand for a space in which individuals can engage with the science of human flourishing and apply their learning to improve the areas of their life that they choose to change.

Why Become an Advisees?

Advisees will gain an understanding of the broader tourism industry, higher awareness of career pathways in tourism, receive career and professional guidance from an experienced professional and build a strong network within the industry.

Key Dates 2022*

  • Applications for Advisors close on Saturday 24 June 
  • Applications for Advisees close on Friday 8 July 
  • Advisor workshop with Mel Neil (positive psychology practitioner and consultant, founder and CEO of Mind Insurance): Week beginning 1 August
  • Online Meet and Greet (Advisors & Advisees): Week beginning 8 August 
  • Separate check-in sessions with Advisors and Advisees: Week of 26 September 
  • Program officially begins: Week beginning 15 August
  • Closing networking event: Week beginning 31 October

*Please note that these dates may be subject to change

How to Apply?

Check out our Trusted Advisor Program page to find out more about when this year’s program launches, key dates and how to apply.