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Trusted Advisor – Session 4: Events

Last week we met with Jordana Baron of Resolution X to deep dive into session 4 of the Trusted Advisor Program at their HQ on Wednesday 2nd October. 


Jordana and the team from Resolution X let our YTN advisee have a peek behind the curtain into the wide world of events. With resolution X being leaders in the industry in bringing new and innovative lighting equipment to events, ranging from White night to Melbourne festival. 

Jordana’s career has seen her work in retail in tourism sales where she developed her client relationship building skills, to working in ticketing for major events. Then with a change of season Jordana, moved into major Events. Landing a functions and events manager role at the O’Brien Icehouse where her passion for events was ignited. Which lead her into her role as a project manager at Resolution X. A highlight in her role is constantly expanding her knowledge about the ins and outs of the technical side of events. 


A highlight of the session included a tour of the warehouse at Resolution X, where we were able to see where all of the behind the scenes magic happens. 

Some of the key learnings from this session were: 

  • Some times your passion ends up finding you.
  • Effective time management is critical to running successful events. -‘schedule your time’
  • Establishing strong connects in the industry can become a helpful support network.
  • How it’s important to communicate your schedule with your team and clients. 


Our next session is on 15th October with Clare West of Expedia Group.

Written by: Olivia Salsbery

Olivia has experience in agency, non-profit, public and private communications. Her major focus has been on strategic digital communication, research and cause marketing. She has a bachelor of Arts (Public Relations and International Studies) and is currently studying her Master of International Sustainable Tourism. Connect with her on Linked In @oliviasalsbery. 

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