Trusted Advisor Program 2021 – It’s a wrap!

The Trusted Advisors Program 2021 ran from August to October 2021 during which industry professionals were partnered with students and new entrants to the industry for 3 months of advising, guiding, leading and learning.

After 2020 being an immensely turbulent year for tourism in Victoria, there was a strong need to connect emerging professionals with established professionals through programs such as the Trusted Advisor Program, to ensure professional development and mentoring experience is available for students and young professionals.

This year, 15 advisees successfully completed the program, benefiting from a one-on-one coaching opportunity.

“I had an incredibly transformative experience participating in the YTN mentor program. Not only was I able to secure my first job within the tourism industry thanks to the help and guidance of my advisor. Through the program, I was also able to develop a strong personal and professional relationship working with my advisor. This bond will continue well after the program has ended as we both continue to further develop our careers within the industry.”

Siobhan Killury (2021 Advisee)

Meet our Advisors

What is the Trusted Advisor Program?

YTN’s Trusted Advisor Program aims to provide tourism, events and hospitality students (Advisees) the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals (Advisors), and gain a better understanding of the tourism industry and the jobs available within the different sectors.

For 2021, the goals were:

1) To provide students with an understanding of the tourism industry.
2) To provide students with a link to the tourism industry.
3) To provide opportunities for students in tourism, events or hospitality to learn from experienced tourism professionals.
4) To provide established tourism professionals with an opportunity to enhance their existing leadership and communication skills by becoming an Advisor.

The Trusted Advisor Program will return in 2022 with some new additions. Stay tuned!