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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

YTN catches up with guest speaker, Mel Neil

YTN: What can we expect from  the YTN Don’t Sell Yourself Short Event?

MN: Being at our best is within everyone’s reach. We do, however find it difficult at times to do just that! This session is all about learning that for most things we strive for today – our brains do most of the heavy lifting. Therefore understanding how our brains work and how we can be ‘brain fit’ is the key to us being at our best for longer, more often.

YTN: What do you think is the best thing about Victoria’s Tourism Industry?

MN: In my 15 plus years in the industry it is definitely the people that make it great. No other industry continues to provide an environment that challenges, allows us to be creative and innovative, look for new opportunities, and continually craft an inspiring journey in such a long term and sustainable fashion.

YTN: What opportunities do you see for those who are new to Victoria’s Tourism Industry?

MN: More and more, policy makers are not the people who are going to solve the challenges that face our industry today or in the future. It is the people who make up the vibrant industry who will create the new opportunities, meet the challenges and provide solutions. We are now headlong into the ‘Imagination Age’ so people – the world is at your feet in an industry that is not process or policy driven.

YTN: What advice would you give to students or anyone starting out in the Tourism Industry?

MN: Enter into this journey with an abundance mentality. There is scope to do, create, deliver, build, whatever you want, like never before. Let others sook about how hard it is, and how unfair it is, and how it’s someone else’s fault, and go get it!



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