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Interview Me- Land the Job

The final event of the Young Tourism Network’s 2016 Professional Development Series saw students, young professionals and the Crown Melbourne recruitment team come together for what was to be an excellent evening. Thank you to the Crown Melbourne team for assisting to run this event, many of the staff volunteered their time to help our members.

The following report is from one of our fantastic volunteers on the night, Diana.


On Wednesday October 5th, I had the opportunity to volunteer and attend to the last event for the YTN 2016 Professional Development Series called Interview Me: Land the Job. The event focused on the development of professional and interpersonal skills to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market. In collaboration with Crown College, YTN divided the evening in three workshops led by experienced recruiters who focused on:

–          Preparing for an interview: by participating in mock interviews.

–          Resume building: through receiving personal feedback on your own resume.

–          How to present yourself in a professional manner: from ‘what not to wear’ to body language.

The evening was followed by drinks at Mr. Hive, which provided a great networking opportunity to interact and connect with fellow peers. Overall, the event was a great opportunity to recognize what recruiters are looking for and to understand what you need in order to become a successful candidate when applying for a job and during an interview. Whether or not you are new in the job market, this workshop was a great chance to polish your skills, re-assess your past experiences, and to connect with leading professionals of Melbourne’s tourism industry.

-Diana Sepulveda Navarrete



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